Moses Moody Golden State Warriors life journey

In the basketball world, Moses Moody, the 19-year-old shooting guard from the University of Arkansas, is making waves. Moody was selected 14th overall in the 2021 NBA Draft by the Golden State Warriors. Now that he has earned a rookie deal, many are curious about his potential earnings and net worth. This section will examine Moses Moody’s unique assets and potential future growth.

Early Career of Moses Moody

Moses Moody Golden State Warriors life journey

Moses Moody Golden State Warriors life journey
Moses Moody Golden State Warriors life journey

Before we delve into Moses Moody’s current paycheck, let’s examine his formative years. He was a sought-after prospect in high school, attracting offers from prestigious schools like Duke, Kansas and Michigan. However, he ultimately decided to enroll at the University of Arkansas, and his first campaign there was outstanding. He averaged 16.8 points, 5.8 rebounds and 1.6 assists per game and was named All-SEC First Team and SEC Freshman of the Year.

Rookie Contract

In the 2021 NBA Draft, Moody was selected as the 14th overall pick and signed a four-year rookie deal with the Golden State Warriors. The contract has a guaranteed value of $14,732,080, with an annual salary of $3,683,020, according to Spotrac. This is a lot of money for a 19-year-old and is expected to increase as his career develops.

Money available

While Moody has a great rookie deal, there is more to his potential earnings. He is a highly anticipated talent who should have a successful NBA career. Given his abilities and potential, he has the potential to make millions through grants, endorsements, and other initiatives. In addition, his organization can provide him with incentives and higher salaries as he progresses in his career.


Moody, a young athlete with a bright future, has the opportunity to make prudent investments that will further increase his fortune. To diversify their income streams and hedge their financial futures, many professional players have invested in corporate, real estate, and other endeavors where Moody’s net worth can increase significantly with funding adequate inputs in the coming years.


In addition to potential financial gain, Moody can help the community through philanthropy. Professional athletes often support causes they are passionate about and give back to their communities with their platform and money. Moody has a chance to make an impact early in his career as a young player.

Draft and Contract Moses Moody

Moses Moody entered the 2021 NBA Draft after his stellar rookie campaign, and was selected by the Golden State Warriors with the 14th overall pick. His four-year deal was a traditional rookie deal, meaning the first two years were guaranteed and the third and fourth were team options. Spotrac estimates the total contract value at $14,732,080, of which $8,095,680 is guaranteed.

Salary Breakdown

Moses will make $2,137,440 in 2021–2022, the minimum typical rookie salary. He will receive salary increases over the following periods, however: $2,240,200 in 2022–2023; $2,342,880 in 2023–2024; and $3,374,560 in 2024–2025. The NBA’s rookie scale, which also increases players’ salaries based on their draft position, is to blame for the increase.

Impact on the Warriors

The salary of Moses Moody is especially significant not only for himself but also for the Golden State Warriors. Thanks to his cheap contract, the Warriors are able to effectively add new players and assemble a dangerous team around stars like Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson and because of this, Moody benefits from the team great on and off the street.


Even at a young age, Moses Moody’s fortunes are considerable, and more is expected as his career develops. He has a chance to succeed and become a celebrity in the NBA and beyond thanks to his rookie contract, future earnings, investments and philanthropic efforts and we should expect his net worth to increase again time establishing himself in the league.


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