49ers vs eagles predection match result

PHILADELPHIA — Ten months after being pitted on the same field for the NFC title game, the drama surrounding the San Francisco 49ers vs Eagles rematch includes a horrific layoff, a quarterback scare and a two-and-a-half story the first of the sima.

Both teams finished their starting quarterbacks tactfully unlike the previous game. Again, the 49ers won easily this time, 42-19.

San Francisco has been successful throughout the season when versatile weapon DeBo Samuel is healthy. Samuel showed his great importance Sunday with 138 yards and three touchdowns on just seven touches.

After a poor start, the 49ers turned things around.

Brock Purdy attempted four passes in the first quarter but failed to complete any of them. Christian McCaffrey did not attempt to gain extra yards. It wasn’t a touchdown or even the team’s first down. The Niners had a net yard loss of 6 throughout the half.

Though they still felt like they fell short of expectations, the Eagles, on the contrary, moved into a much more comfortable position. They had six points and 120 yards of total offense, but had two failures in the red zone, with San Francisco cornerback Chavarius Ward spoiling a trip in the end zone with a second-half pass breakup to A.J. Brown slants and Devonta Smith short- mid-yardage completions could only take Philadelphia so far on a cold day, especially when the 49ers found their feet.

After settling in, the 49ers didn’t change.

They were more dominant in the second quarter than Philadelphia was in the second quarter. San Francisco’s offense, led by Purdy, not only dropped but sustained a seven-minute drive that ended in the end zone as it set its rhythm after Purdy distributed the ball to McCaffrey, George Kittle, Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk was finally 2 over the back left side of the Aiyuk end zone Laid out to touch yards

There appeared to be doubts on the replay as to whether Aiyuk had made the catch, prompting Eagles fans to cheer. But the officials ultimately concluded that there was insufficient evidence of the ball flying to overturn the result.

San Francisco’s relaxed defense forced a punt before the Eagles could turn the field, and the Niners held possession less than a minute into the half and Purdy ran chains with a Brotherly Shove-style defender who also would have mocked the Eagles at home. McCaffrey weakened Philly’s defensive line again, and Kittle burst 25 yards upfield with the help of his pass-catcher’s well-placed parts

Wantickled, McCaffrey finished the drive with a touchdown, sending the Eagles to halftime trailing 14-6 and surrounded by jeering supporters on a foggy evening

Holding a few points beyond the notes, Samuel began to score. In three consecutive possessions, he scored touchdowns.

Samuel’s second score went 48 yards (and 42 after the grab) after Purdy’s 33-yard touchdown pass to McCaffrey at the left wheelbase in the third quarter and the play went within 12 yards when he ran straight went up, dodging a tackle by Eagles safety Kevin Byrd was recorded. His latest move reinforced the power of Kyle Shanahan’s blocking system and perhaps validated his ill-timed joke that he considers Eagles CB James Bradberry “garbage.”

In an ensuing scuffle, which occurred at Samuel Touchdowns, 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw and Eagles defensive coordinator Dom DeSandro were ejected after DeSandro tried to physically prevent Greenlaw from contacting the player, and Greenlaw hit them face .

A press box announcer said Jaylen Hurts went out for evaluation “per concussion protocol” before the end of the third quarter. However, Hurts came back halfway through the first drive of the fourth quarter, replacing backup Marcus Mariota after a “Brotherly Shove” and scoring a 6-yard touchdown against Smith

In the end, it wasn’t enough.

The 49ers’ lead has grown and will continue to grow.

Hurts was 26 of 45 for 298 yards and a touchdown with another 20 yards and a touchdown rushing, while Purdy finished the game 19 of 27 for 314 yards and four touchdowns

Next week, the 10-2 Eagles take on the 9-3 Dallas Cowboys in “Sunday Night Football.” Next up, the Seattle Seahawks will visit the 9-3 Niners.

The 49ers offense outshines the Eagles 42-19 49ers vs Eagles

49ers vs eagles predection match result

While they can’t repeat last year’s NFC championship, the 49ers vs Eagles tried their best Saturday to back up their claim that they would have beaten the Eagles in January had their quarterback been healthy.

Saturday was the most recent sign of Purdy’s physical recovery after suffering a wrist injury last season in Philadelphia, which required off-season surgery and recovery the duration of the. He completed 19 of 27 passes for 317 yards, handing out money to multiple receivers. Besides Purdy, three separate players scored touchdowns and six different players had receptions of at least 13 yards.

Two of those were short throws to wide receiver Deebo Samuel, who evaded and weaved through Eagles defenders and broke them for a long gain Samuel gained 138 yards from scrimmage and added a touchdown run.

Running back Christian McCaffrey amassed 133 yards from scrimmage and a touchdown on four carries, George Kittle had 68 yards on four receptions and for the seventh time this season the 49ers scored at least 30 points in a game, their performance Sunday will have plenty of opposing defensive coordinators concerned in the coming weeks.

The Eagles’ first two drives found them in the red zone, but they failed to score a touchdown and eventually fell 21-6. The gap was closed to eight points thanks to Jalen Hurts’ 12th touchdown run of the season, but Hurts’ run didn’t last long as after Samuel left for injury evaluation, the gap was even bigger when he returned and completed a touchdown pass though to Devonta Smatih.

Ultimately, the only downside for the Niners was the dismissal of linebacker Dre Greenlaw. After a brief scuffle on the Eagles’ side in the third quarter, both he and Eagles defensive coordinator Dom DeSandro were ordered off the field and for a moment it looked like the 49ers might spark the Eagles, but they were strong just too much.

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