Charlotte Hornets vs Brooklyn Nets live update

On Wednesday, November 30, the Charlotte Hornets will fly to New York City to play the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA regular season. The two teams will play each other twice this season. The Hornets meet the Nets on a three-game winning streak as they try to end a two-game losing streak and get back into the postseason picture

Brooklyn Nets vs. Brooklyn Nets Charlotte Hornets: Observations, betting tips and predictions

Charlotte Hornets vs Brooklyn Nets live update

The Charlotte Hornets, now 5-11, will play the 9-8 Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday, Nov. 30 at 7:30 p.m. Previous times at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

NBA League Pass allows you to watch the games live even though they won’t be televised nationally.

Hornets (+270) and Nets (-340) money

The Hornets have a spread of +8.0 (-110) vs. 2-1. Nets -8.0 (-110).

Nets (u226.0) and Hornets (o226.0) for total (O/U).

Charlotte Hornets vs Brooklyn Nets: Preview

The Brooklyn Nets defeated the Charlotte Hornets 133-121 in their last meeting at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte on Oct. 15. 30. It was Brooklyn’s sixth win over Charlotte in head-to-head play.

It was the Nets’ second straight three-game winning streak early this season. Their first three wins actually came from a win over the Hornets in the first matchup.

However, the Hornets will hope to end their current losing streak by crossing the Brooklyn Bridge to play the Nets. The Hornets are coming off back-to-back losses to the Orlando Magic and New York Knicks.

Charlotte Hornets vs Brooklyn Nets predicted starting lineups

The Hornets starters will likely include Terry Rozier, Mark Williams, Miles Bridges, Gordon Hayward and Brandon Miller. Meanwhile, Dorian Phinney-Smith, Cam Johnson, Nick Claxton, Spencer Dinwiddie and Michal Bridges are expected to start for the Nets and Hornets respectively

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Brandon Miller led the Hornets with 18 points in a unanimous loss to the Knicks, further elevating his Rookie of the Year candidacy. Fan Duel predicts that his stats in Brooklyn could drop a bit, which means it makes sense to bet below the current 14.5 prop this season

But with 23 points, nine rebounds and eight assists in the Nets’ win over the Toronto Raptors, Spencer Dinwiddie came perilously close to a triple-double and PointsBet predicts he dipped below the current point-re-assist prop of 28.5 to kill , as BetRivers predicts he will rise above it again.

Charlotte Hornets vs Brooklyn Nets

The Nets were the early favorites to beat the Hornets (plus-270 underdogs) at minus-340 at the betting line.

The aforementioned money trail was influenced by the Nets’ 14-point win over Charlotte in the first round and the fact that their rematch would be in Brooklyn but the Nets would beat the Hornets by a minus-6. 8 wide, but becomes narrower than the first assembly . in .

The opening total score betting line of 226.0 is noteworthy as it is significantly lower than the combined score of 254 scored by both teams in their previous clash.

While the current Nets support is safe, given their previous shot at Charlotte, it makes sense to take a chance and bet above 226.0

Due to an injury that is expected to keep LaMelo Ball out of the starting lineup for some time, the Charlotte Hornets have lost a big second overall pick, who instead will start on the first unit and have to carry many have offensive loads.

It makes sense to bet Brandon Miller’s total for tonight’s game before his numbers roll out.

At the moment, Miller is averaging 14.4 points per game, but his first game without La Melo could mean a bigger role for him. Miller had the third-highest usage rate of the season with a 25.5% usage percentage and a season-high 18 field goal attempts.

Miller has averaged 19.4 points per game this season with a usage rate above 21%, at least more than 17 points in four of five games Roto Grinder’s CourtIQ shows Miller has the highest usage rate ( +5.1%), effort (+2.9%) , and Averaged 18.1 points per 32 minutes in a 121-minute sampler with Rozier playing but LaMelo off the field

And the Nets against whom he scored 22 points exactly one month ago will be his opponent today. Terry Rozier is the primary offensive weapon, so Michal Bridges was tasked with guarding him in the pregame to ease Miller’s matchup. I expect a fast paced high scoring game by all players as Cam Thomas is expected to return.

With Miller’s increased volume and usage, I think it’s possible he has enough of a chance to get the prop tonight. LaMelo has the 10th highest field goal attempt average (19.87). Someone on the Hornets will need to pull this stat.

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