Christmas at Rockefeller Center

It is officially Christmas at Rockefeller Center

Suddenly, Rockefeller Center’s giant, recognizable Christmas tree lit up, ushering the holiday season from New York City to the world, after 91 years of tradition

There are more than 50,000 lights on the 80-foot Norway Spruce covered in nearly 5 miles of cable.

As the Christmas display comes to a close, a 3D Swarovski star covered in 30 million crystals glows in the darkness of the sky.

A choir of young New Yorkers showed joy to the world when New York Mayor Eric Adams helped light the tree.

The tree hails from New York and stands 80 feet tall

Christmas at Rockefeller Center
Christmas at Rockefeller Center

This year’s feature is a Norway spruce that measures 80 feet tall, 43 feet wide, and weighs 12 tons.

From Vestal, New York, near Binghamton. It lasts about eighty to eighty-five years.

About five miles of cable and fifty thousand or so lights are attached to the tree.

Most of all, what? A 900-pound, 3D, 70-point Swarovski star covered in 300,000 crystals.

At Peacock Christmas at NBC and Rockefeller Center on November 29, Cher was seen taking over New York City with her holiday concerts. The 77-year-old welcomed the chilly New York weather by dressing up in a metallic suit, matching shirt and pleated pants.

She completed her summer ensemble with long silver earrings.

Cher performed her new Christmas song “DJ Play a Christmas Song” on stage at 30 Rock. She was joined by dancers in short, skimpy sequin dresses.

At the tree lighting event, Cher was one of the celebrities who graced the stage with special performances. Kelly Clarkson hosted and performed on the show. The cast includes Keke Palmer, Barry Manilow, David Foster, Chloe Bailey and Catherine McPhee. Radio City Rocket’s Christmas-themed dance also wowed the audience.

In October 2023, the legendary musician released his first holiday record, Christmas . “I had no intention of doing a Christmas album,” Cher told Billboard . But, [Warner Records] said, “Cher, why don’t you do a Christmas album?” They were really cute when I said if I could make my version, I would.

“They’re just great songs, OK, not ‘Christmas Christmas‘ songs,” he said. Also, I don’t like my job so I never talk about it. Well, it’s been well received, and I’m happy. Maybe I’d be quite picky, but I think the music is fantastic, and everyone is listening.

Christmas is reportedly Cher’s first studio album with original songs in a decade. His renditions of seasonal favorites like “Santa Baby” are interspersed with four originals on the album’s thirteen tracks. She sang with the legendary Stevie Wonder, “What Christmas Means To Me.”

The “Faith” singer just participated in the 2023 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Cher gave a surprise performance of her holiday hit “DJ Play a Christmas Song” in front of the famous Herald Square Macy’s. He looked formidable in a black tie, white shirt and black rhinestone slacks.

The first Christmas tree was lit at Rockefeller Center in 1933. However, the tree was originally unveiled two years ago when a group of middle-class professionals packed up and bought a 20-foot tree for a hand-held venue flowered the flower .

Two trees and the famous ice were added in 1936. But a few years later, with the approach of World War II, the ornamental trees declined dramatically; In 1942, three small trees were removed to replace one large tree.

Scaffolding was first used to decorate the tree in the 1950s; Before the end of the decade, the operation took 20 men and nine days.

The tree was lowered into the Hudson River from Stony Point, New York to 30 Rock in 1997. The tree was brought to New York from Richfield, Ohio, in the world’s largest aircraft carrier the following year there is the

In 1999, the largest 100-foot tree ever seen at Rockefeller Center was placed in the park. Moreover, in 2001, visitors from all over the world came to see the red, white and blue patriotic trees.

In 2004, the first Rockefeller Center and Swarovski crystal stars appeared at the top of the tree. The current one was built in 2018.

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