Former 1 lady Rosalynn Carter honored in private tribute service

Former President Jimmy Carter made an unusual public appearance Tuesday as he attended the funeral of his late wife, Rosalynn Carter. Rosalynn Carter died earlier this month.

Jimmy Carter, who has received hospice care since February, honored his late wife at Glenn Memorial Church in Atlanta, where she was first lady from 1977 to 1981. The 99-year-old former president wore a ceremonial dress dress as she attended the church service Monday after leaving her Plains home accompanied by a doctor.

His face wrote on the curtains that covered him as he sat in the front row.

Both Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter left a lasting impact outside the White House through their humanitarian efforts. Their 77-year marriage is the longest among first couples in American history. Rosalynn Carter made a name for herself as a mental health advocate.

Amy Carter, the first couple’s only daughter, read aloud a letter Jimmy Carter sent to Rosalyn when he was in the Navy 75 years ago, choking back tears as she did so Throughout the service was, Amy was often seen sitting behind her father and holding Carter’s handshake.

My mother loved my father all her life. Their relationship and love story defines her life, she said. Here are her notes that she loves and remembers, because she can’t tell you today.

Jimmy Carter wrote, trying to convince me that you really weren’t, you couldn’t have been as charming and charming as I remembered, when he was overseas. But, when I see you, I fall in love all over again. Do you think that’s weird? It doesn’t happen for me.

Former 1 lady Rosalynn Carter honored in private tribute service
Former 1 lady Rosalynn Carter honored in private tribute service

A dozen prominent politicians attended the funeral of the former first lady, who died Nov. 19 at the invitation-only memorial service of his 96th birthday.

Former President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton and former first ladies Laura Bush, Michelle Obama and Melania Trump sat in the front row with President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden

According to the White House, Biden and Clinton sent one Air Force personnel to Georgia.

Georgia Rep. Brian Kemp, Sens. John Ossoff, Raphael Warnock, Vice President Kamala Harris and Second Man Doug Emhoff were also present.

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra performed throughout the service, which began at 1:00 p.m. Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks sang a song called “Imagine.” Speakers, texts and songs were all planned for the event in honor of his wishes.

The Carters’ own pastor said, and several of the former first lady’s children and grandchildren gave readings. In her tribute, journalist Judy Woodruff said that throughout their reign, the country had a first lady who saw her role as far beyond that of a vital, warm and welcoming hostess than the most trusted adviser, well.

Jason Carter shared intimate details about his grandmother, such as practicing tai chi and sending annual birthday cards to all her grandchildren. He’s “adventurous” and the “rock” of their family, according to her.

My grandmother needs no eulogy, according to Rev. Warnock, who also informed me that her life was a message.

Biden has been close to the Carters for years, having endorsed Carter for president in 1976 as a first-time congressman. Earlier this year, Biden said he received a request from former President Carter to give his eulogy.

After Rosalynn Carter died earlier this month, Biden said the integrity of the former first couple was great.

The Bidens said in a statement that first lady Rosalynn Carter “walked her own path and inspired a nation and the world along the way.”

At a memorial for his mother, James “Chip” Carter III, their son recalled how he used to buy his torn Lyndon B. Carter papers.

“He’s saving my life,” she said.

The second oldest of Carter’s four children, the son fondly recalled his mother’s cheerful spirit and unwavering faith.

My mother, Rosalynn Carter, was the most amazing woman I could ever lay eyes on. It was fun to watch, too,” he said in conclusion.

According to Kathryn Cade, vice president of the Carter Center, the former first lady was “completely engaged” in guiding the country. According to Cade, the former first lady worked to end suffering, help care for others, promote equality and eradicate the stigma associated with mental illness

According to Cade, he never pursued recognition, money or respect. He contributed greatly to a compassionate culture in many ways.”

Jimmy attended church Tuesday in a wheelchair. His own health failed, and in February he was sent to a nursing home. James Carter III revealed to The Washington Post last week that his father’s failing health meant that none of his clothes fit him, so he had to make new ones.

The Carters have four children, 22 grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The grandchildren hold the flag with honor, the Carter Center said.

Several family members performed at the Thursday event and descendants read some Bible passages. Rosalynn Carter’s favorite songs were also played throughout the ceremony by musicians she adored, including pianist David Osborne, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chamber Chorus, and close friends Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood.

Shortly before the ceremony, the Bidens, former First Lady Michelle Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived at Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church and were greeted by Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens and Georgia Senators John Ossoff and Rafael Warnock.

Former President Bill Clinton and former first ladies Laura Bush and Melania Trump attended Tuesday’s funeral.

In his opening remarks, Carter’s grandson, Jason Carter, referred to Jill Biden and Hillary Clinton as “dear husbands” before referring to Dr. Trump’s “dear husband.” Biden and the former first ladies were greeted with laughter from attendees at that phrase.

A funeral will be held Thursday in the Carters’ hometown of Plains, Georgia, to Maranatha Baptist Church, where friends and family will hold a memorial service after which his coffin will be placed in a hearse and taken to the Carter family home for a private burial.

On Monday, the public was welcomed to pay their respects to Rosalynn Carter as she relaxed at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum in Atlanta. Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter attended a wreath laying ceremony for the Rosalynn Carter Health Humanities Complex at Georgia Southwestern State University.

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