Mid Vermont Christian school that objected to transgender athletes sues Vt. after it’s banned from competitions

Mid Vermont Christian school : According to WCAX , Mid Vermont Christian School sued the state of Vermont in a recent legal development, claiming the school suffered religious discrimination when the school was banned from state-sponsored sporting events earlier this year for refusing to play with a team that had been a transgender student-athlete.

In this federal case, the school and two families—represented by the Coalition for Liberty Defense—allege that Vermont violates students’ religious freedom by preventing them from attending sports and the state’s academic voucher program on the use of the.

A Christian school in Vermont is suing the state of Vermont for barring it from participating in state tournaments and a state education program after its girls basketball team was pulled from the playoffs because a student who transitions with gender in another group because

According to Mid Vermont Christian School of Quechee, the transgender player threatened player safety and the integrity of the game, costing the team the Feb. 16 game. 21.

Mid Vermont Christian school Principals Association’s Executive Council, which oversees the school’s athletic and academic background, said in March that Mid Vermont Christian was barred from future tournaments for violating the board’s standards on disability awareness, gender and race so therefore.

Christian school that objected to transgender athletes sues Vt. after it’s banned from competitions
Christian school that objected to transgender athletes sues Vt. after it’s banned from competitions

The school said Vermont Ejection of Education’s refusal to recognize it as an accredited independent school discriminated against religious schools and filed a federal complaint Tuesday in Burlington.

Complaints of nondiscrimination discrimination must be filed by schools that rely on their websites to the Vermont State Board of Education, a separate body, in accordance with state fair employment and public accommodation laws. Additionally, the principal must sign a guarantee that the school is in compliance with the Public Accommodation Act.

An unaccredited school is not allowed to participate in a Vermont municipal curriculum that sends children to approved private or other public schools in cities without public schools. Independent school requests to enroll students in college courses through the state system must also be approved.

Banning programs, as well as middle school and high school sports, also “irreparably harms Mid Vermont Christian and its students,” the complaint says.

Reached by phone Wednesday, a representative of the state education department declined to comment. In an email, the executive director of the Vermont Principals Association said the group had not seen the issue and could not comment at this time.

In another case last year, the Education Department and several school districts agreed to pay tuition and legal fees for five families in two lawsuits that reversed a state policy that the school would not provide aid to students’ children they do not attend religious schools in communities where there are no public congregations.

When the U.S. After the Supreme Court ruled in June that Maine schools could not prevent religious schools from participating in a program that offered tuition assistance to private education, the lawsuits decided to drop it their story.

In a 2020 Montana case, the U.S. A divided Supreme Court ruled that states cannot exempt religious schools from programs that divert public funds to private education.

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