Dallas Cowboys, Daron Bland sets single-season record with 5th pick-6

Daron Bland made history by hosting the Cowboys annual Thanksgiving game on Thanksgiving Day.

On Wednesday, the Cowboys cornerback broke the NFL single-season record with his fifth pick-six pick of the season. He blocked Commanders quarterback Sam Howell and evaded several pursuing tacklers on a 63-yard return down the ground.

It’s another thing to be thankful that I have the fans, the family and the coaches there and we’ll do that on Thanksgiving,” Bland told CBS after the game on that play. After that, I just realized where it expands it.

After beating Washington 45-10, the score gave fans plenty of reason to celebrate. It inspired Bland in Eric Allen (1993), Jim Kearney (1972) and Ken Houston (1971), three players he tied for his fourth interception touchdown last week

According to NFL Research, Bland’s big play also allowed the second-year cornerback to break the Cowboys franchise record for career pick-sixes

This is Bland’s most recent impressive performance in their entire season. Bland was forced into the starting lineup after Trevon Diggs tore his ACL during practice prior to Week 3.

Dallas Cowboys, Daron Bland sets single-season record with 5th pick-6
Dallas Cowboys, Daron Bland sets single-season record with 5th pick-6

Since then, Bland has become one of the best defenders in the league.

So far, the season, he has 48 tackles, 13 passes defensed and 7 interceptions.

Since Week 1, Bland has never gone more than two games without a defensive touchdown. There are still six games left in the regular season to try to add to his impressive total.

Arlington, Texas, tied Dallas Cowboys cornerback Daron Bland’s NFL single-season record when he returned his fourth interception for a touchdown Sunday and said he’s determined to break the record as soon as possible.

It only took him five days.

The Cowboys beat the Washington Commanders 45-10 on Thanksgiving Day, including the second-year cornerback’s game-winning touchdown off a 63-yard interception return

It’s amazing, especially today,” Bland said. “And another reason to be thankful.

Bland’s record was tied through Wednesday with Eric Allen (1993), Jim Kearney (1972) and Ken Houston (1971).

Bland has more defensive touchdowns than anyone else on the squad this season. The three-ranked Indianapolis Colts are second. With five touchdowns, he is tied with first-offensive players such as Josh Jacobs of the Las Vegas Raiders, Saquon Barkley of the New York Giants and tight end Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs.

There are still a lot of games to be played, so who knows where he can break this record.” The Cowboys’ Dak Prescott commented. When you first asked me about that person, I replied, ” Helluva player, get ready, he does everything way better.” It’s amazing to watch him go for these touchdowns and have such a strong desire to cross the end zone, but I can’t say I’m surprised he’s getting the ball as he is.His happiness.

Bland set a new record with a leaping pass from Washington’s Sam Howell to Jahan Dotson on a second-and-10 play from the Dallas 43. Bland smashed the ball and the Cowboys side roared as he sprinted downfield. Howell was about to take it down at the Washington 17, but he was able to pull away from the quarterback and get into the end zone avoiding Terry McLaurin and Brian Robinson Jr. in the second half

“I’m not going to be denied that,” Bland declared, adding that his family in California was present at the game.

The touchdown sparked a raucous celebration that saw him and at least a dozen teammates find themselves in one of the Salvation Army’s red kettles before coach Mike McCarthy had to call a timeout for a point-after try because the festival lasted so long.

“I think there’s a tradition that I don’t quite agree with yet,” McCarthy said. “But we took a timeout to regain power and I’m glad they cooperated with us.” Yes, yes, this is an important step. The parts went crazy. Very satisfied and proud of Daron.

In Dallas’ 40-0 win over the Giants, Bland opened the period with a 22-yard score when Trevon Diggs hit Barkley so hard that the ball popped through the air Bland scored a touchdown in the game against the New England Patriots When he passed no pass intended for Kendrick Bourne as quarterback Mack Jones tried again to cross the field and his third 30-yard return came when Matthew Stafford mishandled a pass to Cooper Kupp unfairly in a game against the Los Angeles Rams.

In Sunday’s win over the Carolina Panthers, Bland performed a somersault to avoid a cross intended for Jonathan Mingo from Bryce Young this allowed Bland to run 30 yards for the touchdown.

Catching the ball is one thing. Mentally, that may be something else entirely to look forward to for the end zone, according to Cowboys general manager Jerry Jones. That is another thing I believe everyone should consider. Regardless of how hard the quarterback may have tried to stop him, his run to the end zone was a sure one.

A huge roar erupted in the hallway as the last player, Bland, entered the locker room.

I didn’t see anybody,” he said. “I just heard everything. It was a pleasure.

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